On the sidewall of your tyre you will find numbers and letters like this, as you see above.

I can now guide you through what they actually represent i have numbered these for your convenience.

  1. 265/ Means the width of the tyre so just how wide the tyre is from the inside to the outside.​

  2. 35 Means the profile of the tyre so thickness from the top of the wheel to the top of the tyre.

  3. ZR OR R Means basically the same thing years ago ZR meant high performance tyres these days its been replace the letters and you'll still find ZR on tyres which have V,W and Y speed rating (which we will get into) the R means the construction of the tyre which is called RADIAL almost all new cars nowadays have this.

  4. 19 Means the radius of the actual tyre so the top to the bottom of the tyre AKA rim size.

  5. 98Y So the Number means the weight the tyre can carry and the Letter means the speed the tyre can potentially go.

  6. XL OR EXTRA LOAD is normally for heavier cars it has an extra thickness to it they also call it reinforced tyres also it needs more pressure to maximise its potential.

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